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Your Bike Tour Host

Jeff Lynn, founder and bicycle tour guideHello and thank you for your interest in Via Bike Tours.  I’m Jeff Lynn, founder of the company.

Do you remember your first bicycle?  Mine was a fire-engine red single speed Schwinn with coaster brakes.  I was seven years old and that bike provided so much joy.  With the wind in my face and the smooth pavement rolling by in a blur, I felt I could fly.  But, some of the best moments were quiet glides down a new street or wooded trail with friends.  We were explorers, discovering the secrets of the neighborhood and charting unknown territory.  That simple little machine gave me freedom, a pathway to adventure, and close friendships.

As a teen, I lost touch with cycling. I moved around the country, living in Washington, Texas, New Jersey, New Hampshire, France, and California.  I went to college, earned an MBA, and settled into the corporate working life.  I stayed active with surfing, snowboarding, and soccer.  My bike was used purely for transportation, and rarely at that.

In my mid twenties, my father convinced me to join him on my first club ride. I had a decent bike, but I was physically and mentally unprepared for the hilly 30 mile route.  I wore tennis shoes, a cotton t-shirt, and soccer shorts.  I felt defeated walking up the last mile of a long climb.  The club members took pity and coached me through the remainder of the loop.  I soared down the descent, feeling greatly relieved and thankful for their selfless help. But most of all, I experienced overwhelming elation.  I could fly again.

Once again I found the joy of cycling.  Since then, I’ve bicycled tens of thousands of miles on club, solo, and charity rides.  I started mountain biking and racing.  Along the way, I gained new friendships and a higher level of physical and mental stamina, and I fell in love with bicycle touring.

I live in Ashland Oregon now and have been here 16 years, exploring much of the state by bike.  My desire is to show others the magic of a bike tour on the scenic back roads of Oregon. Contact me if you’re in the area and want to join me for a day ride.  Or better yet, sign up for one of our great tours.  Let’s ride!