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About Via Bike Tours

Via Bike Tours is a bicycle tour company run by Oregonians devoted to offering unique cycling routes on lightly traveled scenic roads within our spectacular state.  We are in this business because we love to ride bikes, explore new territory, and share our experiences with others.  Knowing that a truly memorable bike tour is more than just an exquisite route, we put equal focus on providing guests with unique cultural experiences, comfortable lodging, superb food, and worry-free logistical support.  Our mission is to provide our guests with a fantastic vacation, packed with fond memories and a lifetime of wonderful stories to share.

We are a small company located in Ashland Oregon and offer a limited number of tours with small group sizes.  Our size allows us to be nimble and to emphasize personal service.  Coupled with our intimate familiarity with Oregon, we are able to tailor the guest experience to best meet your expectations.  This includes working with you to create a customized tour.  Please check out the tours we offer and join us on a grand adventure!

Via Bike Tours’ Operating Philosophy:

We operate under an ecologically and socially responsible business model.  These are core values at Via Bike Tours.  We adhere to theses principals in all that we do and strive to continually improve our contribution towards protecting our environment and communities.  As a guest, you will see some of these business practices in action:

  • Source locally.  Whether it’s food, bikes, equipment, or office supplies, we establish partnerships within our community to ensure quality products and to enhance the local economy.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Compost.
  • Guaranteed carbon neutral tour.  We calculate the carbon consumption from our van usage, lodging, food, and other daily operations and pay forward a carbon offset to local environmental organizations and renewable energy providers.
  • Actively participate in our community.  We lend our services and contribute funds to local community events and groups.

Join us on a tour and you will see for yourself how these practices add value to your tour experience.  Check out what we at Via Bike have to offer!

Crater Lake, Oregon - a highlight of our bicycle tour